Southend News Network can exclusively reveal that MAX WHITLOCK gold medal Olympics MAX WHITLOCK MAX WHITLOCK – the young gymnastics star MAX WHITLOCK Essex Essex Essex. 

Max’s neighbour’s gardener’s fourth cousin Barry told us that MAX WHITLOCK ESSEX ESSEX. 

He said: ‘Max inspirational Essex Basildon role model. MAX WHITLOCK MAX WHITLOCK MAX MAX MAX MAX!’

‘I saw him once in the street and I screamed MAX MAX MAX MAX. This is great news for South Essex and I think I am going to need a second box of tissues in a minute.’

‘This is the greatest day in the history of our county. Because MAX WHITLOCK.’

President of Basildon Herbertt Dib-Dabb confirmed that an open top bus parade will be followed by a seven day public holiday across the borough’s of Basildon and Greater Thurrock.

He added: ‘Basildon Hospital will close for the week to allow staff to take time off and enjoy Max’s double gold medal performance.’

‘This may have an impact on patient health, but MAX WHITLOCK, seriously. This may never happen again until 2020 and the investment that this will bring to South Essex could be more than a trillion pounds.’

Southend Borough Council spokesperson Garons Du Parc said: ‘Congratulations to our neighbours in Basildon for this achievement. As the UK’s Capital for Alternative Culture, we are proud to be the alternative to other boroughs that are producing gold medal winners.’

‘As far as we are concerned, Tom Daley was the moral gold winner of the diving. People may say that he is from Plymouth, but we all know that he is a Southend boy.’