In a revealing interview with Southend News Network, the singer Meatloaf has confirmed that ‘that’ from ‘I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)‘ was referring to spending ten minutes in the South Essex coastal resort of Southend On Sea.

We spoke to Meatloaf, whose real name is Meat Loafington, to find out more about the song.

He said: ‘I really wanted to get the message across that my romantic endeavours would only stretch so far, including moving both towards and away from hell.’

‘Thinking about it logically, I would be willing to go to practically any extent in order to win the affections of that special someone, but spending even a fraction of an hour watching grown men standing around and comparing Staffordshire Terriers would be a bridge too far.’

‘Even when it descends into the inevitable ‘shiniest sovereign’ contest, it would still have to be something pretty special in order for it to be classed as something that I would undertake in order to not fall into the ‘that’ category.’

It has also emerged that the 1993 classic wasn’t the first time that the town has featured in song indirectly.

According to documents have been seen by Southend News Network, Along Came Mary by Bloodhound Gang was originally about Southend Pier, but at the last minute the band’s manager decided that singing about a roof would have more of a universal appeal – the rest is history.

A spokesperson for Southend Borough Council’s Department of Tourism and Laundry said: ‘Once again, our town is featured in a small part of this nation’s rich cultural heritage.’