It has been revealed that Miss Rabbit is currently making £50,000 a month after being furloughed from every single job.

According to friends, the Peppaland economy is also on the verge of collapse due to the shortfall in her National Insurance contributions.

Chancellor Rishi Rhinoceros is due to make an emergency statement in the next few days.

A source close to the government said, ‘He’s already got enough on his plate with the complaints from Grandad Dog because he’s been running his garage as a limited company and paying himself with dividends, and Rishi Rhinoceros is completely unable to distinguish between Grandad Dog’s dividends from investments and dividends as salary, thus rendering him ineligible for the same sort of support that could soon give Miss Rabbit enough of a nest egg to retire to St Tropez.’

‘Mr Fox has clearly been claiming SEISS illegally as well as he’s not stopped since March, flogging hooky grandfather clocks and such.’

‘The economy is fucked, and unless Daddy Pig is prepared to do another parachute jump it looks like we’ll be doing a Greece.’