A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed today that Miss Rabbit has been charged with benefit fraud after it emerged that she is claiming Jobseekers Allowance while having 54 regular employment roles.

According to a source within the DWP, she was only able to get away with it for so long because she is also the sole member of staff at the local Jobcentre Plus which is located at the top of a big hill, like most buildings in the town.

He added: ‘She was carrying out random checks of benefit claimants under her office’s jurisdiction, and when she discovered that she had illegally received for than £20,000 from the government she had no choice but to hand herself in.’

‘When the police arrived to take her into custody, she kicked off big time, but fortunately Doctor Brown Bear was on hand to administer a mild sedative.’

‘On the official paperwork for the prosecution, it originally stated that she had 56 different jobs, but ‘full time mummy’ and ‘bedroom DJ’ were removed from the list as they are not officially recognised by the DWP.’

Mummy Pig told Southend News Network that she was ‘delighted’ with the news.

She added: ‘That bitch had it coming to her. Her ice cream stand sold George a dinosaur ice lolly that melted within 30 seconds.’

‘She also had a nice little earner on the side as the town brass.’

With Miss Rabbit now in custody, there are fears that the local economy will go into freefall due to a serious labour shortage, although as an emergency measure Grandpa Pig will be running his train to replace a limited amount of bus services.

She is due to appear in court in March, where it is expected that she will receive a light custodial sentence as she is the town’s only qualified magistrate.