Childhood literature experts have confirmed that a missing page from The Tiger Who Came To Tea that was found in a Southend attic last week is genuine.

According to a statement that has been released this afternoon by the London Literary Society, the extra page depicting the tiger taking ‘the mother of all shits’ on the hall rug before walking out of the home that fed him was probably taken out for editorial reasons.

Dr Jennifer Essen of the LLS added: ‘The publisher in 1968 was probably in two minds about the page being included, but it stands to reason that any mammal would end up curling the brown biscuit to end all brown biscuits after eating and drinking that sheer volume of refreshments.’

‘However, it would have been removed in order to avoid causing any distress to children reading the book.’

‘Having said all of this, it would have made the last page far more believable. ‘But he never did’ has almost struck me as a bit of a rubbish anti-climax of an ending.’

‘If the page would have been left in, it would have made far more sense as the tiger would have obviously felt too ashamed to return to the house after mugging them off for the contents of their kitchen and then unleashing a Grade A Barry White on their finest Axminster.’

The news comes at the end of a terrible week for children’s classic books.

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that the first edit of The Very Hungry Caterpillar included the main character smoking a three skin joint before going on what we now know was a munchies rampage on Saturday.