Facebook users from all over the world who don’t read things properly have been in mourning today after they all managed to convince themselves that the fictitious TV personality Ali G had died. The news led to an outpouring of grief and tribute messages, and a petition has already been set up for the star to be offered a posthumous (as in he is already dead) knighthood. 

Ellie Floozington from Southend posted: ‘I loved him in loads of TV shows and movies and things, and I didn’t even know that he was ill. I’ve not been this upset since Mr Tumble was suspended for not having a valid CRB certificate, and I am outraged that his death isn’t being reported anywhere on the main news websites or TV channels. They are all going on about some boxer or Islamic prophet or something, but to be honest I haven’t been paying attention.’

We tried contacting Borat and Bruno for a statement, but neither of them were prepared to speak to Southend News Network.