A spokesperson for the Met Office has confirmed that millions of idiots who are complaining about the latest UK storm being called Storm Ali for Islamophobic reasons are completely unaware that it is actually named after the Southend United-supporting singer Alison Moyet.

Geraldine Scorchio of the Met Office said, ‘We need to set the record straight after receiving thousands of phone calls and emails today.’

‘We have not called the latest weather front Storm Ali as some sort of, and I quote, ‘pathetic attempt to force multiculturalism down the throats of the British people.’

‘As it happens, our Managing Director is a huge fan of This Is Love. That’s it.’

Dave Fringe is a director of the Essex Defence League, and he told Southend News Network that he has written to the Met Office to demand a new name.’

He said, ‘What’s wrong with a nice English name like Andrew?’

‘Calling it Ali is an insult to the British people. What are they going to call the next one? Baba?’