Ms Byke now wants to warn other young women after her 'devastating' ordeal.

A young woman has told Southend News Network that she is ‘heartbroken’ after giving birth to a healthy baby girl at Southend Hospital today, only to find out a few seconds later that she wasn’t the child’s mother. According to midwives at the maternity unit, they suspected this shortly after she had given birth, but their worries were confirmed by doctors at around lunchtime today.

Devastated Southchurch resident Millie Byke, 21, has only agreed to speak to us as she wants to warn other women who could suffer the same terrible fate in the future. She said: ‘When I found out last year that I was going to give birth to my first child, I was over the moon – I have never felt happier in my life. Right from the very beginning, I spoke to the five men that I had been sleeping with a few weeks earlier, and I told them all that I would get a DNA test done as soon as the baby had been born. Unfortunately, four of them told me that they didn’t want to get involved, and even though Darrillo (surname removed to protect his identity) stuck around, I found out later that he was a maiesiophile, and so I didn’t want him in my life.’

She continued: ‘Everything with my pregnancy went fine, and then I gave birth this morning to a beautiful baby girl – but my joy didn’t last for long. As soon as the midwife had cleaned her up, she was passed to the doctor and he checked her over, but he just looked at me before calling for senior medical staff in the unit. Before I knew what was going on, the room was full of people, and then the senior midwife came over and told me something that brought my whole world crashing down. She told me that the baby probably wasn’t mine, and further tests proved this. The baby was immediately taken away, and when I sat down with my mum we talked it through before realising that potentially there are 20 different men who could be the father. I didn’t realise that sleeping around so much could have such awful consequences, and I want other young women to realise that this lifestyle could see them end up like me.’

Dr Joshemiah Sproot was in charge of the investigation, and he said: ‘This is the first time that I have seen a woman’s sexual habits result in her giving birth to a baby that isn’t her own, and we have taken steps to provide her with all of the care that she needs. Child Welfare Officers from Southend Council are now working with all parties to try and track the baby’s real mother so that they can be reunited.’