A woman from Southend On Sea has been describing her shock to Southend News Network after she filled the fuel tank on her Ford Ka to the top in this Summer weather and it didn’t explode, killing her and everyone else in a 500-yard radius.

Michelle Garridge told our Chief Reporter that she couldn’t understand why she had escaped an inferno-related death, even though it had been prophesied in a meme on Facebook.

She said, ‘I can’t believe it. I must be one of God’s chosen ones to escape such a terrible and scientifically backed demise.’

‘I have already been pushing my luck this year. Back in February I accidentally filled up with diesel fairy dust.’

‘I managed to get it fixed, and the only thing that was damaged was the set of eyelashes on the headlights.’

A scientist said, ‘You know how a boiling kettle doesn’t expand and kill you while you make a cup of tea? Yeah, that.’