Motorists from all over the South East of England have been flocking to Tilbury in Essex this morning after it was reported that petrol has gone on sale for just 22.9p per litre. 

According to local newspaper The Echo, Tilbury forecourts now have petrol for just 103.9p per gallon, and there are 4.54 litres in every gallon. 

Heavy traffic has already started to build up at the Dartford Crossing and other major routes into South-West Essex. 

Derek Forstarr of the AA said that this traffic chaos will probably continue for the rest of the day unless prices are reviewed as a matter of urgency. 

He added: ‘Local police officers have already asked us not to publish the exact locations of the discounted fuel as there have already been a number of angry incidents today due to overcrowding.’

‘From what we can tell so far, it could be a marketing strategy designed to generate publicity for the whole Thurrock area as a viable choice for both motorists and businesses alike.’

Michelle Bipi owns a garage in East Tilbury, and she has already been forced to close after stocks of unleaded and diesel ran out at 10am on Thursday. 

She said: ‘One motorist turned up with a bathtub in the back of a Transit van, and we had to turn him away.’