A mum from Leigh On Sea in Essex has caused controversy after booking out an entire soft play centre for her son to play by himself as his friends are allegedly ‘a bit rough.’

According to 34-year-old Jemima Montrose-Nashbury, she was left with no other option than to reserve the whole of the Fundomino Soft Play Centre in London Road, Leigh for four hours on Friday afternoon after ‘a terrible experience’ for five-year-old Marcus back in June.

She said: ‘We came here a few months ago with some of his friends from school, and the whole place was very busy as a load of the local schools had a day off at the same time.’

‘Within a few seconds of Marcus getting on the soft slide, a bigger boy from his class ran up to him and pushed him over, and when I looked over to his mummy she was just sitting on her phone.’

‘I grabbed Marcus and walked over to her as he was screaming his head off, and all she said was that I needed to take it up with the management as children are no longer the responsibility of parents once they set foot inside the arena of play.’

‘I moved him over to a different area designed for little ones, and all of a sudden an 18-month-old baby just grabbed his leg and tried to lick him – again his mummy was nowhere to be seen as she was too busy getting a cup of coffee.’

‘Kids these days could have anything, and I can’t be too careful with Marcus as he has a number of food allergies that are currently under investigation.’

We asked Jemima how much she was paying for exclusive hire of the centre.

She said: ‘I paid £350 for yesterday’s session and it was worth every penny to know that my son was able to have fun in a safe and hygienic environment.’

‘A number of other local parents turned up with their kids and were disappointed to not be able to come in, but as a concerned mother it is my right to take whatever action is in the best interests of my child.’

The manager of Fundomino Dave Fronge said: ‘We accept private bookings at any time of the day to ensure that our customers’ needs can be met.’