A mum has issued an urgent warning to all parents after her three-year-old daughter was exposed to the terrifying Momo song while she was watching a clip from Mr Tumble’s show Something Special.

Although it isn’t currently clear exactly how Michelle Garridge’s daughter Texico managed to find the video clip, she has indicated that it was located on the Internet somewhere because Internet.

She said, ‘The first that I heard about it was when she walked into the kitchen and asked me to sign ‘I’m gonna split you in two’ in Makaton.’

‘I walked into the living room and captured the video from her tablet, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.’

‘I have now banned all CBeebies programmes from the house, along with videos from other online sources and pretty much everything else from everywhere.’

The online video that she captured has now been shared by 400 billion other Facebook users to try and raise awareness.

One fellow concerned parent commented, ‘Everyone said it was a hoax, but I have seen it with my own eyes, so it is actually real. In fact, it’s realer than real.’

‘As an informed parent, you’ll never catch me falling for something like this.’