A single mum from Southend has launched a campaign to get Fathers’ Day rebranded as ‘Mothers’ Day 2.’

According to Michelle Garridge, 24, of Fairfax Drive, it’s time for ‘mummies to get the respect that they deserve for everything that they do all the time everyday.’

She told our Chief Reporter that as a universally recognised ‘full-time mummy’ in the eyes of everyone except the DWP, it is unfair to only have a single Mothers’ Day celebration annually.

She added: ‘When I look at little Twiglet’s birth certificate, all it says under ‘Father’ is ‘Some dude round the back of KFC on the High Street,’ so why should that low-life get a special day dedicated to him?’

‘Anyway, some of my friends are still with the father of their children, and all they ever tell me is that they don’t do nothing.’

‘I do wonder sometimes if technically that means that they do do something, but I’m so tied up with nappies and World Book Day costumes that I never get the time to perform a thorough grammatical analysis.’

‘Of course there are some amazing dads out there, but they shouldn’t get anything more than a single day per year as that would be well sexist.’

The idea is gaining support on a number of Facebook groups, and Chlo Bapps on Southend Mums and Mummery said: ‘Wot a fantastic idea! I love my hubby more than anything and he’s an amazing daddy to our two kids, but it’s time for the male species as a whole to get what’s coming to them.’

‘Cud we maybe organise a special event on Mothers’ Day 2 where we round them all up, strip them naked and scream insults at them while making unwanted sexual remarks about the really fit ones?’