A 24-year-old mum has been talking to Southend News Network today after she posted a question on a Facebook group that she could have probably found the answer to with five seconds of research on Google.

According to Kellie Socio from Southend, the badly-spelt musings of semi-distracted Take A Break readers are far more reliable than the results of a search engine that is trusted by billions of people across the planet.

Kellie said: ‘I really wanted to know the number of hours of free childcare available per week for my three year old, and I knew that using Google to find the answer directly from the government website would be pretty stupid and dangerous on a number of levels.’

‘Therefore, I popped onto the Southend Mums and Mums Stuff and No Dads Allowed Because They Smellz group on Facebook and posted the question there – I never knew that you could spell ‘government’ with a ‘u’ neither.’

’46 people told me the answer within three minutes, and I was also delighted to start a heated argument about breastfeeding and the best brand of nipple cream at the same time.’

‘Three people got banned as well as they aren’t friends with the group admin, which was great.’

Ms Socio added: ’17 people liked my question as well and this made me feel warm and tingly inside.’

‘Even though ‘liking’ a question is ultimately pointless in the grand scheme of things, it gave me the impression that I am someone with a significant level of social media influence – maybe I’ll write a book or start a blog or something for other busy mummies.’

The group’s admin user Joanne Goebbels admitted that the group’s size of 50,000 people means that she is now left feeling more powerful than a combination of Jesus Christ, Skeletor, Cyril Sneer and the ‘guy with the cat’ from Inspector Gadget.

She added: ‘We welcome points of view and input from everyone, but if they don’t agree with me they can all fuck off.’