A 24-year-old mum from Southend in Essex has vowed to get a new potty training book ‘banned’ as she says it encouraged her two-year-old daughter to ‘eat her own poo.’

Michelle Garridge told our chief reporter that her young tot Texaco-Jett enjoyed reading Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie so much that she kept admiring her finished article and licking her lips.

The short story is all about a character called Little Budgie who has just started potty training with the help of Mummy Budgie.

It doesn’t all go to plan at first, but he gets there eventually and starts using the potty like a grown-up budgie – unfortunately Ms Garridge isn’t quite so enthusiastic about the book.

She added, ‘She kept laughing at the way that poos are called ‘fudgies’ in the book, but it has now got to the stage where she looks at it and says ‘mmmm Texaco-Jett wants a fudgie.’

‘Last week, she actually put her hand in there at the same time, so heaven knows how many other parents have had the same problem.’

‘We all know that it makes a nice little rhyme, but defecation is no laughing matter.’

‘There are even videos on the Internet about this sort of thing. The author should be arrested in my opinion.’

Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie is available on Amazon here – parental supervision is required at all times, which is kind of the point of having kids anyway. You can’t expect them to be raised by Baby Shark and Blippi on YouTube after all.


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