A mum from Essex has posted a photo of her lost chihuahua Edmund in a completely private, closed Facebook group and demanded that the 764 other members share it ‘far and wide.’

Michelle Garridge made the nonsensical request shortly before 11am today, before adding a comment about ‘the power of Facebook’ without clearly understanding ‘the concept of Facebook.’

A fellow poster said, ‘Make it public hun or I can’t share it.’

‘Michelle replied, ‘I dunno how to do that you just click ‘share’ don’t you.’

‘The poster responded, ‘There is no share button hun.’

‘Another commented, ‘Shared Mercury hun.’

‘The same poster than replied, ‘How? There’s no share button it’s a private group.’

‘Michelle replied, ‘Can you not take a screenshot and share that?’

‘The poster then said, ‘Yeah but I don’t know how to crop it and everyone will know I am on O2.’

‘Michelle replied, ‘It’s OK I have shared it on my own profile now you can go there.’

‘Another poster then replied, ‘But your profile is friends only, I can’t see it.’

‘Michelle then responded, ‘I know sorry it needs to be because my friends keep sending my pictures to my ex.’

‘Another user commented, ‘But you can make just one post public and then we can share it.’

‘Michelle posted, ‘What button do I click?’

‘Another member said, ‘Click the little person and then click the globe – the globe icon indicates that there is the potential for the entire planet to share it just as long as the poor little b*stard isn’t already dead because of all this delay.’

After eleven hours, Michelle posted a harrowing update.

She said, ‘I am sorry to tell you that my darling fur baby has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.’

At this point, comments on the post were turned off because three people had already suffered an aneurysm from being forced to read them.