A mum has gone onto a local Facebook Mum group for urgent medical advice by posting a photo of her four-year-old son with half his face hanging off and checking if she ‘should take him A&E or go Boots.’

Michelle Garridge, 24 from Southend, put up the horrific image with a message to see if the other mums thought it would clear up by itself.

She said: ‘DS just put his face into the leaf blower his lost a bit of skin and can see parts of jaw bone and cartridge do u fink I should go A&E or call 111 or go Boots as last time we went to hospital the wait was ages because immigrants. Photo for attention.’

‘Fanx mummies no judgeing pls TIA xoxoxoxoxo (cheesecake emoji).’

One user replied: ‘Maybe see if right nostril reattaches itself overnight my baby girl grazed her knee last week and it cleared up all by itself so your worrying over nothing hunni.’

Another said: ‘Dose anyone kno when Aldi shuts its on there site and Google and There front window but wanted to be sure because I walked to Matalan once and they weren’t open because they were still building it.’

A spokesperson for NHS Essex said: ‘On this occasion, unfortunately there were no fully-qualified plastic surgeons and paediatricians online – this could have led to a misdiagnosis.’

‘As a general rule, any injuries in the home that result in your child looking like a cross between The Elephant Man and that one off The Goonies should be a trip to Accident and Emergency without hesitation.’