Child protection officials have confirmed that an investigation is underway after it emerged that a mum from Southend put her newborn baby up for ADOPTION because her ‘welcome to the world’ picture only received 17 likes on Facebook. 

Michelle Garridge, 21, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to us about what she described as ‘one of the most difficult decisions that a mum could ever make.’

Although Ms Garridge has chosen to make her identity public, we are unable to identify the baby for legal reasons.

Ms Garridge said: ‘I had my little baby girl in hospital on Tuesday morning, and once she was dressed I put her photo up on Facebook for all of my friends and family to see.’

‘I have more than 1300 contacts on there, and I got really excited because I know how baby photos get tonnes of likes and other reactions – I wanted to get a screenshot of her picture with the reaction count and frame it in her bedroom.’

‘After three hours, I was devastated to see that only 17 people had liked it. Nobody even clicked on the ‘love’ symbol or the ‘wow face’ – I have never felt so low in all of my life.’

‘I took a few hours to think about whether or not I was really ready to have a baby, and when my mind was made up I asked a midwife to contact the authorities and tell them that I wanted to put her up for adoption.’

‘I think my biggest mistake was sleeping with her dad as he’s as pale as a pint of semi-skimmed. The guy three doors down has a lovely skin tone on him and great abs as well – that baby would be social media dynamite!’

We asked Southend Child Protection Services for a comment, and a spokesperson told us that this is becoming a common issue.

They said: ‘Since the beginning of 2016, we have dealt with 23 cases of babies being born in Southend and then receiving a lukewarm response after their first Facebook share.’

‘Although we have managed to convince the parents to keep their babies in roughly a third of these cases, this is putting a huge strain on our department.’

‘Our advice to any parents would be to think carefully about their own personal circumstances and Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm before considering starting a family.’