A mum of three from Southend has slammed the online retailer B&Q after the store delivered her order for brass house numbers the wrong way round. 

Shelly Fibonacci of Fairfax Close lives at number 45, but she was ‘horrified’ when her order arrived back to front.

She said: ‘I got the numbers out of the packet and I was shocked to see that they made 54 – obviously someone in the warehouse has got it the wrong way round.’

‘I contacted their customer services team to arrange for a replacement, and they were happy to oblige. However, when the new packet arrived 48 hours later, they made the same mistake and I am still left with 54.’

‘My partner is a blacksmith and I have asked him if the numbers can be remoulded in some way, but he hasn’t been able to manage it so far.’

‘B&Q is a nationally-recognised DIY store, but they can’t get simple little details like this correct.’

‘They have offered to replace them again but I can’t see the point of they are going to keep sending me ’54.’

Othet customers have now contacted Southend News Network to say that there have been problems with orders that they have received from B&Q.

Michelle Garridge said: ‘I ordered a Thermos flask because it said that it would keep my hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold.’

‘I filled it with coffee and ice cream and ended up with a terrible mess.’

‘People should be very wary before shopping with them in future.’

A spokesperson for B&Q said that the store is looking into these complaints.