A 28-year-old mother with her child in a shopping trolley has declared that she is invincible this evening. The incident occurred in the Southend Tesco car park at around 7pm.

Witnesses say that Polly Bunton pushed her trolley straight into the path of oncoming vehicles without looking left and right – one reported that she was ‘checking in’ to the supermarket on Facebook.

Shopper Darryl Poose said: ‘It’s clear that she must be invincible. Nobody can just step in front of five tonnes of metal and generally not give a shit about anyone’s safety without being immune to injury or severe trauma.’

‘She must have some kind of gift or something. I’ve been seeing it a lot recently and many young children must have inherited the gene as well.’

‘Pushchairs all over Southend have been left half-sticking out into the road at traffic islands, and no responsible mother would consider doing that unless their infant was able to withstand a full-on collision with a vehicle at 30 mph.’