A spokesperson for the Mummy Police has confirmed that nine parents have been arrested across Essex after a Facebook discussion about microwaving baby milk was passed on to the relevant authorities. 

Operation Nuremburg was set up in 2016 to crackdown on the ‘potentially lethal’ activity of heating up baby milk in the microwave at half past fucking three in the morning when it comes straight out of the fridge.

In a press conference earlier this evening, Mummy Police Chief Inspector Hermione Gabbles said that social media was no longer a safe place to hide.

She added: ‘The International Criminal Court in The Hague recently ruled that baby milk made from powdered formula must be produced by mixing boiling hot water and then waiting for it to cool down while your pissed off infant is screaming blue murder.’

’Putting chilled formula in the microwave unsettles the isotopes inside the milk, resulting in a radioactive substance that could cause a boy to grow a second willy.’

’We would like to thank the Facebook group admins of Mums and Mummery South Essex for bringing this to our attention.’

It has been a busy year for the self-appointed police force, with arrests for allowing babies to drink a sip of tea already 250% higher than in 2016.

The boss of the Di Canio organised crime family of Sicily told our Chief Reporter that he was ‘in serious awe’ of mummy groups on Facebook.

He said: ‘These people make my foot soldiers look like the Teletubbies.’

’I always thought that we were world leaders in the concept of intimidation, but these ladies could put the shits up the entire Gambino household.’