A mum from Southend has told Southend News Network that she was ‘angry beyond belief’ after she spotted a reference to W*****G in the BBC kids TV show Chuggington. 

According Stacey Dipshil, 26, the title screen of the recent episode called ‘Koko Pulls It Off’ was unacceptable as her three-year-old son Nathan has been repeating it obsessively ever since. 

It is the latest embarassment for the CBeebies channel after it broadcast the phrase ‘fluttering c*nt’ during an episode of Show Me, Show Me last year. 

Stacey said: ‘Nathan was watching Chuggington in the living room as it is his favourite show, when suddenly he walked into the kitchen and kept saying ‘Koko Pulls It Off’ while he had his hand down his trousers.’

‘He has never had his fingers down there before, but now he is doing it all the time while he repeats this phrase.’

‘I can’t believe that I am paying my license fee for my little boy to be subjected to this filth. I am complaining to Ofcom and the BBC and I expect the content to be changed – I will then decide what further action needs to be taken.’

‘Why can’t it just be called ‘Koko Passes His Test?’ Or ‘Koko Does Well?’ This sort of thing is how Yewtree started!’

The BBC will have some tough questions to answer, especially in light of the episode of Abney and Teal where it is easy to make out another c-word when the narrator says ‘Poc Poc Hunt. 

The Beeb were unavailable for comment.