With thousands of parents across the UK still outraged at the recent episode of Show Me Show Me where one of the presenters allegedly said the word ‘c**t,’ an angry mum from Essex has contacted Southend News Network to say that her 3-year-old daughter heard the c-word in ANOTHER show on CBeebies.

Maria Crumpington spoke to our Newsdesk after her daughter Ella watched a recent episode of the animation Abney and Teal. She said that she was shocked to hear her little girl repeat ‘poor poor c**t.’

‘She watches Abney and Teal every single day as it is one of her favourite shows. She was enjoying it in the living room yesterday while I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, when all of a sudden she just walked in and said ‘poor poor c**t.’

‘I just stood in front of her with my jaw practically on the floor, and then she just said it again, and again. After the fifth time I stopped her and walked into the living room to find out why she was repeating this disgusting language.’

‘I pressed the rewind button and watched the episode right from the beginning, and when the narrator was announcing the name of the episode I could clearly hear ‘Poc-Poc Hunt’ – however his accent clearly made it sound like ‘poor poor c**t.’

‘She absolutely adores the little Poc-Pocs and repeats anything that is said about them. Ever since the episode was broadcast, she has been saying ‘poor poor c**t’ to everyone that she has met in the street – it’s embarassing.’

‘I am absolutely disgusted with CBeebies about this and I am only going to let her watch Nick Jr from now on. You wouldn’t catch Peppa Pig or the dogs from Paw Patrol using such foul language, and I am contacting Offom to make a full complaint on behalf of all the other parents whose children have been affected by the episode.’

We found the episode online using the BBC iPlayer, and the alleged swear word can be heard shortly after the opening music finishes at around 14 seconds in. We haven’t recorded the incident as the BBC took action against us on YouTube previously. 

Once again, the allegations will create some tricky questions for the BBC. A media expert told Southend News Network’s Chief Reporter that any kids TV broadcaster has an obligation to keep profanities out of programming. 

Charles Charlton added: ‘Traditionally, kids TV channels have kept words like ‘f*ck,’ ‘c*nt,’ ‘w*nk,’ ‘b*llocks,’ ‘sh*t,’ and ‘p*ss’ out of their shows due to decency concerns.’