A group of mums with buggies from Southend On Sea have started a ‘unique’ support group where members can chat about a wide range of motherhood issues, with meetings taking place every Wednesday morning at the end of a Zebra Crossing close to the town centre. 

Group founder Maisie Bottleneck said: ‘There are lots of indoor support groups for mums with buggies in the local area.’

‘There is literally nothing whatsoever for women who need to obtain vital parenting advice while also giving passing motorists the impression that they will be crossing the road at any given moment.’

‘Our chosen location is ideal and we are now getting more than 30 mums taking part every single week in the fresh air.’

‘Last week was so busy that we had to expand and send the ladies with the longest buggies onto the incredibly small pedestrian traffic island 100 yards down the road.’

‘We will be opening a second group on Thursdays in January at a nearby Pelican crossing in Westcliff. This one has a flashing light on it so we can all have a bit of a disco.’

‘Although members are allowed to stand wherever they like, we encourage everyone to face the road at all times and constantly glance left and right for child safeguarding reasons.’

BuggyMummies meets every Wednesday morning at 9.30am at the end of a Zebra Crossing in the town centre that is right on top of an incredibly busy roundabout. 

Dogs must be on a very long lead and attached to one of the buggy handles at all times.