A spokesperson for The National Lottery has confirmed that Saturday night’s jackpot prize will be a four-pack of Andrex toilet roll.

The news comes as panic buying depleted the United Kingdom’s entire stockpile of the bathroom product, meaning that the price of an average four-pack soared to £143m – £3m more than the planned rollover jackpot.

The operator Camelot’s Nathaniel Ringpiece added, ‘There are plenty more surprises in store for players this weekend.’

‘Anyone matching three numbers can choose £10 cash or five untouched sheets of Cushelle.’

‘It’s none of your rubbish either – four-ply for even the most difficult of arseholes.’

Meanwhile, a Metropolitan Police source has confirmed that Operation Chugnut has commenced to identify people who have wasted large amounts of toilet roll in recent history.

They said, ‘Anyone who has uploaded a video of a bridal or baby shower where they make mummies out of toilet paper can expect a visit from their local constabulary.’

‘This is now such an urgent issue that all officers have been transferred from Operation Yewtree.’