A new series of iconic gameshow The Crystal Maze on Channel Four in 2020 will include a challenge where contestants are told to find a toilet in a specially created Wetherspoons.

Testing is already well underway at Pinewood Studios, with the current record standing at 33 minutes.

A source working on the show said, ‘We created the new level by visiting thirty different branches of Wetherspoons all over the United Kingdom, and the average labyrinth of staircases is almost impossible to navigate after a couple of shots of whatever British horse piss they have replaced the evil EU-based Jagermeister with.’

‘We also spoke to a number of customers, including one woman who hasn’t seen her husband since he needed a dump at The Last Post in Southend in 2013.’

‘Apparently he even tried dropping a trail of naan breadcrumbs from Curry Night to find his way back, but it still wasn’t enough.’

A spokesperson for Channel Four said, ‘The whole thing fits together perfectly.’

‘If you look around your average Spoons, most of the women look like Mumsy anyway.’