Sky Atlantic has announced that the new series of Game of Thrones will include plot explanation subtitles for viewers in Essex.

According to a spokesperson, the move will enable all GoT fans in the county to ‘keep up’ with a complex and ever-evolving plot that has left people in the region feeling ‘confused and frustrated’ in previous seasons.

Philomena Mange is the Head of Audience Perplexment Avoidance at Sky Atlantic, and she said: ‘Every week, we get hundreds of emails from subscribers in Essex who struggle to understand what is going on in Game of Thrones, and so by adding plot explanation subtitles we are in effect reaching out to a whole new viewing sector.

Viewers need to remember that there are many kingdoms that make up Westeros, and so at any one time there are multiple stories to follow – we apologise if people in Essex have been unable to cope.’

Maddy Frown from Westcliff-On-Sea has been an avid fan since the very first show, and she is delighted that she will now get extra help when she is watching the new season.

She said: ‘I almost had a full mental breakdown when Jon Snow was stabbed at the end of season five as I couldn’t understand what was going on, and The Red Wedding forced me to see a counsellor as one minute the people are good and then they are bad.’

‘That midget fellow is still knocking around isn’t he? What happened to the guy from Sharpe and The Full Monty? How the hell are we supposed to keep up? What is a Lannister?’

According to a source within Sky Atlantic, a number of other shows will provide extra assistance for Essex viewers if the trial is successful.

A BBC spokesperson added that a similar trial is being planned for episodes of Pingu due to a ‘lack of English dialogue.’


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    Oh sorry.

    They were subtitles from Game of Thongs…..