Will the A1277 and the new town of Hockleigh be a success?

Local officials have announced that a new road from Hockley to Leigh On Sea has been given the go-ahead, with building work to begin within the next few months – the route will see a small amount of Hockley Woods removed in order to clear a route for the so-called A1277. The planning and decision making process for this new road has been accelerated by ongoing concerns that officials are powerless to stop temporary traffic lights from appearing at random intervals on the current main road between Hockley, Hawkwell and Rochford.

As a dual carriageway, the stretch of road between Main Road in Hockley and the A127 at the Progress Road junction will have a speed limit of 70 mph, and Southend News Network can exclusively reveal that the considerable construction costs will be offset by an ambitious house building project with 40,000 new homes being built on the land around Hockley Woods and Edwards Hall Park, along with three new supermarkets, offices, two leisure centres and a KFC. In order to comply with planning regulations, the length of the route will be designated as a new town, and officials currently favour the name Hockleigh.

Environmental campaign groups have already voiced their outrage as thousands of trees will be removed to accommodate the new road and surrounding building projects, but the chairman of the company responsible for the project has spoken to Southend News Network to explain how the environmental impact will be kept to an absolute minimum. Nathan Fell of the Hockleigh Newtown Development Group said, ‘We are already aware that some local residents are horrified at the prospect of losing a small amount of Hockley Woods and the surrounding green areas, and this is why we have made a pledge to only remove 50,000 trees, or at most 75,000. All of the timber that we have to cut down will be donated to BT for their next print run of Phone Books, and the leaves will be collected and turned into porridge for local primary school children.’

However, in another late development, members of the Rochford Temporary Lights and Bin Lorry Association have vowed to continue their reign of terror on the new road when it opens. An anonymous source contacted our chief reporter to say. ‘We can assure local residents that this new road through ‘Hockleigh’ will achieve very little in terms of reducing congestion caused by temporary traffic lights, skip lorries, refuse collection vehicles and courier trucks that have a god-given right to park wherever they want. On the contrary, a 70 mph dual carriage will be a lot of fun for our members – it will be like the corner by Gusted Hall Lane last summer x 1000!’