A spokesperson for the Football Association has confirmed that Premier League club West Ham United have been ordered to stop using the nickname ‘Irons’ as it could be classed as homophobic.

According to their statement, many in the East End of London use ‘Iron’ as a short form of ‘Iron Hoof,’ which when pronounced in the traditional manner of ‘Iron ‘Oof’ is cockney rhyming slang for a ‘poof’, which is short for ‘poofter,’ which is a colloquial way of calling someone a homosexual.

The FA’s Head of Offence Measurement Harry Olason added, ‘We reviewed a number of popular team nicknames in the Premier League, and it is clear that West Ham cannot be allowed to carry on calling themselves ‘Irons.’

`We asked 10,000 homosexuals if they were offended by the nickname, and only 2% said that they were unhappy about it.’

‘However, once we explained why they could be offended by it, this figure rose to 74%.’

‘If West Ham’s management continue to condone the use of ‘Irons,’ we will be forced to apply a points penalty, well once they get some on the board anyway.’

‘We also closely studied the issues around Tottenham Hotspur supporters calling themselves ‘yids,’ but our panel found that they are only using it as a defence mechanism so it’s absolutely fine and absolutely not offensive to Jews in any conceivable way whatsoever.’

At the end of the press conference in London, Mr Olason was asked if it would therefore be OK for Bradford City supporters to. refer to themselves as ‘p*kis’ due to the area large Muslim population.

He replied, ‘Absolutely not. That is something entirely different altogether. There are absolutely no similarities between your hypothetical situation and what happens at White Hart Lane every single week.’