A toy manufacturer in Essex has launched a non-offensive golliwog by making it white instead of black.

According to toy maker Schwartz PLC who are based in Canewdon, the ‘Jolly White Golly’ will allow collectors and children alike to enjoy ‘all the charm of the original golliwog without upsetting any black people who may see it.’

The company’s chief executive David Frenulum has already offered a set of five to The White Hart, a pub in Grays that has been in the news after the landlord received a complaint for displaying traditional golliwogs behind the counter.

David added, ‘Parents have told us that they want to allow their children to enjoy the traditonal golliwog without promoting any racial stereotypes, and so this is an ideal product for them.’

’Also, by making him white, there is absolutely no scope for religious offence as it is an established fact that white people are not entitled to feel prejudiced against about anything anymore.’

‘The new toys start at £9.99 each.’

It has been a stormy week for companies trying to avoid causing offence, with one cleaning company in York being forced to change their name from ‘Spick and Span’ after local Mexicans said that it made them feel ‘uneasy.’

There is also a court case in progress at the moment with a number of Italians suing the London Borough Of Wapping.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Manchester City Football Club has confirmed that Kun Aguero will not be forced to leave this summer, despite complaints from the Black Football Fans’ Alliance.