A leading local councillor has revealed to Southend News Network that he is ‘95% sure’ that there is an ATOMIC BOMB within the wreckage of the sunken SS Richard Montgomery – the American ship that currently lies between the coastlines of Essex and Kent, just a few miles away from Southend On Sea.

They only agreed to speak to Southend News Network on the condition that we agreed to keep their identity a secret, and they have decided to speak out now as they feel that the general public has a right to know exactly what is on board.

The councillor said: ‘It is well known that President Roosevelt sanctioned the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, but what a lot of people do not know is that he instructed the organisers of The Manhattan Project (the US government’s programme to develop nuclear weapons) to prepare a similar atomic bomb ready for use on Berlin – support for this step was obtained in secret from the leaders of their allies including Great Britain.’

‘The original plan was to use the SS Richard Montgomery to ship the Berlin-bound atomic bomb to Cherbourg in France in August 1944 as this area of France had recently come under allied control. It would then be loaded onto an aircraft at a nearby airfield before being dropped onto Berlin – the bomb itself was even named ‘Le Grand Garçon’ as part of the plans.’

‘However, the plan was wrecked when the ship sank with the atomic bomb on board during a voyage on 20th August 1944. As everyone knows the rest is history and the Allies defeated Nazi Germany by other means, but as far as I am aware to this day ‘Le Grand Garçon’ is still resting within the wreckage, worryingly close to both Kent and Essex.’

‘In many ways I am not surprised that our own government doesn’t want to go anywhere near it, and my own concern is that radiation may be leaking into the Thames Estuary. It is very difficult to get exact data about the effects of radioactivity on the people of South Essex and North Kent, but it is clear to a lot of people that general levels of intelligence and cognitive ability east of Basildon have declined in the years following the Second World War.’

‘People are going to think that this is some sort of crazy conspiracy theory, but it is common knowledge that one of the Manhattan Project bombs is still unaccounted for – in my view there is only one place that it could possibly be and everyone within a 50-mile radius has the right to know exactly what is still on board.’

We tried to contact the councillor a few days after our original interview, but we were informed that he had taken long-term sick leave for an undisclosed illness.

A statement from Southend Borough Council said: ‘We are disappointed that one of our own councillors has decided to spread a story that is based purely on assumptions, hearsay and very little in the way of evidence.’

‘We try and discourage boats from going anywhere near the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery and it has nothing to do with there being any sort of atomic weaponry on board – it is because there are other explosives on there that are powerful enough to blow Shoeburyness over to the coast of Denmark.’

This isn’t the only time that there have been concerns over the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery in recent months. Back in May, members of the public were alarmed when a ‘humming noise’ was heard coming from the wreckage – an evacuation zone was established as a precaution.