In a shock development, it has emerged that President Obama has been monitoring the current situation in The Gambia and thought ‘f**k it why not?’

According to sources in The White House, President Obama sat through a briefing on the West African crisis before turning to his closest aides and saying ‘What this Jammeh guy is doing, is this a thing now?’

We spoke to Obama’s deputy-vice secondary chief of staff Mike Kapowski a few moments ago, and he confirmed that Obama intends to ‘just stay put and ride it out.’

He added: ‘The outgoing Gambian president is going to lose because the country only has an army of 3,500 people.’

‘However, President Obama has like a million soldiers or something, so unless Canada brings the grizzlies with them he ain’t going no place.’

‘To be honest, we were originally just going to board up the doors and divert the main phone number for The White House to a Chinese take away – this idea sounds much better.’

‘We’ve checked the constitution and it’s all legal. Check our page 355, paragraph 6 – crystal clear.’

A spokesperson for the British Foreign Office said: ‘We advise against all but essential travel to Basildon.’

‘Nothing to do with the change of presidency in the USA. It’s just an utter shithole.’