A spokesperson for Odeon cinemas has announced a £3.8bn drop in UK-wide Pick ‘n’ Mix sales due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The vast sum is equivalent to roughly ten kilos of confectionery, and it is thought that the chain may need to increase the cost of Häagen-Dasz when cinemas are finally allowed to open again.

Industry insiders believe that the luxury ice cream kiosks will be forced to abandon Pound Sterling and start using small African nations as currency.

One source said, ‘The only way that they will be able to pull themselves out of this hole will be to lobby the government and demand that bringing your own sweets is criminalised.’

‘That will be the safest option for the general public anyway. We have the technology to individually decontaminate Dolly Mixtures using ultraviolet light, but naturally the costs will have to be passed on to the consumer.’

‘We may also need to stop selling those hot dogs that spin around on a rack.’

‘Nothing to do with the Covid-19 thing for this. They’re just fucking vile.’

It’s already been a shocking day for the retail and hospitality industry, with the news this morning that motorway service stations may be forced to bring snack pots of Pringles back under the £20 mark for the first time since 1972.

Shell garages have already instigated a number of cost-cutting measures, including limiting customers using the Ginster’s pasty microwave to just eleven minutes each.