Southend News Network would like to point out that as a responsible online media outlet, we are committed to following the same Election Day Guidelines as the BBC, Sky News, Channel 5 and other broadcasters. A number of people have contacted us today about two stories involving David Cameron ‘ignoring’ the referendum results and ballot counting machines breaking down so that they only count ‘remain’ votes. We are not including links to these stories as at the time of releasing this statement we are still under Election Day rules.

We have been accused of publishing these ‘news stories’ while restrictions are in place, but in actual fact both were put online outside of the restricted window – they have both however been SHARED continuously since the reporting restrictions came in, and we have no control over this. Therefore, allegations that we are trying to illegally influence the referendum outcome are both untrue, and quite frankly ridiculous.

We appreciate that there has been some confusion as the two stories in particular are currently getting around 30 HITS PER SECOND – we will be reporting about some of the comments tomorrow as they are utterly hilarious. Furthermore, our David Cameron story involves the Prime Minister comparing his own role and authority to that of a milkman ruling over all of the milk on his milk float. If that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing across the Internet in terms of ‘oh, actually this is bollocks,’ we may as well just give up and go home!


  1. Oh, is there really an election going on?

    The way various politicians were talking bollocks during the last month I thought they were just paying homage to SNN and it was all just one big wind-up.

    • I think it was a vote on whether Canvey Island remains part of the EU although other parts of the UK may also have voted on a similar decision.