There have been some stories circulating in the press about a man being found naked at Southend East station except for a sock, and I feel that it is now the right time for me to address this as I am deeply, deeply sorry for any upset that this incident has caused.

Running Southend News Network is an incredibly stressful occupation, and I have ignored previous warnings to try and ‘take it easy’ – this stress manifested itself in yesterday’s incident and I am ashamed.

I suffer from an extremely rare condition where I get sexually aroused by trains, and ever since the c2c rolling stock had those new Trenitalia stickers applied to them they have been driving me crazy.

Until now I have satisfied this lust with a YouTube video of the level crossing at Stanford-le-Hope, but as I was in the area yesterday on business I decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level – it was a foolish decision and I regret it immensely.

Now that I have been caught, it is the wake up call that I have needed and I now intend to get the help that I so desperately need.

I have been fortunate in the past to get away with it – the lack of barriers at Prittlewell Station mean that I often creep in after dark and cuddle a few of the carriages in the railway sidings.

Also, on one occasion I penetrated a Brio set in the Early Learning Centre on Southend High Street and this led to the shop being closed down.

Running Southend News Network will be impossible if I get caught again and go to prison, and so I promise to change my ways.