Southend News Network recently ran a story regarding the sad death of Bertram Tzanowski, an actor who was better known to the whole world as Bungle Bear from the popular kids TV show Rainbow. In our report, we complied with current legal reporting restrictions surrounding the ‘three-in-a-bed’ sex story involving Bungle and two TV celebrities from the 1990’s – until now we have only been able to refer to them as ‘Z’ and ‘G’. At the High Court earlier today, Southend News Network lodged an appeal for the injunction to be lifted as we felt that his untimely death had thrust the matter into the public interest, and we were delighted with Judge Judith Animato QC’s decision to uphold our appeal.

We have consulted with our own legal team as part of this process, and as a result we are now able to reveal that ‘Z’ was Zebedee from The Magic Roundabout, and ‘G’ was Gordon from Thomas The Tank Engine. Unfortunately, we are not able to release any further details of the romantic encounters that took place between Bungle, Zebedee and Gordon at this time due to some outstanding legal issues, but we hope that releasing these names into the public domain will allow both journalists and fans to give Mr Tzanowski’s family the privacy that they deserve at this difficult time.

Furthermore, Southend News Network would like to apologise for the way that the original article was written, and we accept that our reporting led a number of people to believe that ‘Z’ was Zippy Zipperton and ‘G’ was George Hippo. We would like to make it perfectly clear that no sexual activity took place between Bungle, George and Zippy both on and off-screen during the time when Rainbow was in production, and we never intended to give this impression during our coverage of this tragedy. Because of the upset that has been caused at this difficult time, we will be making a £5,000 donation to Priory Puppet Rehab – a registered charity that helps puppets with drug and alcohol addictions return to a normal life in civilised society.