This statement has been put together by the admin team of Southend News Network, after consultation with legal representatives.

Further to this evening’s announcement on Facebook, we can confirm that the ‘Chief Reporter’ of Southend News Network has been arrested this evening over an alleged public order offence.

Although we cannot broadcast too much in the way of specific details at the moment, we can confirm that a complaint has been made from a member of the public about the petition and attached news story regarding the ‘satirical’ move of Southend and Basildon A&E departments to Chelmsford. Without being able to speculate too much, it would be safe to assume that the complaint revolves around the content causing a level of offence/panic/concern to the wider public.

For the time being, posting on Southend News Network’s Facebook page will be kept to a minimum, and the same approach will apply to the Twitter and main website – this situation is under constant review by both the admin team and our legal representatives. Also, if it is decided that the pages need to be taken offline for a period of time, we will endeavour to give due warning of this.

For the time being there isn’t really too much else that can be said about the current situation. The ‘Chief Reporter’ is aware that his identity will become public knowledge in the event that he is charged over this allegation, but at the same time his own solicitor has reported that he is in ‘good spirits’ about it all.

Please keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages for any updates about the situation, but it must be remembered that legal issues may mean a long period of inactivity on Southend News Network.

Thanks – Jason and the Southend News Network admin team.