Southend News Network would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that we had ZERO INVOLVEMENT in the disappearance of satirical/spoof news page Yorkshire News Online from Facebook – it was observed last night that their page was no longer showing up in Facebook search results.

On Sunday, many of our readers contacted us to say that a ‘news story’ was running on Yorkshire News Online about a brawl between Slimming World and Weight Watchers members, and there were far too many similarities between their content and our original story to simply say that it was a coincidence.

In a similar manner to other incidents of plagiarism (there’s a big scary word) in the past, we have handled the situation by commenting on the post and also by encouraging our own readers to head on over and make similarly outraged comments. We were pleased to see that the offending post was removed shortly after this.

As a result of our own handling of the situation and what could be considered as ‘low-level trolling’ on our own page, Yorkshire News Online began commenting on the Southend News Network Facebook page and this included making nasty remarks towards our own readers.

Unfortunately, we were unable to respond to these as the silly buggers had already banned us from their page. We chose to let them post on Southend News Network to their heart’s content, you know ‘give them enough rope’ and all that.

This was the end of our involvement in this matter, and contrary to some of the comments that we have seen Southend News Network had absolutely nothing to do with the page’s disappearance from Facebook. We would never actively try and close down a fellow spoof Facebook page, no matter how unimaginative it may be.

We offered the Yorkshire News Online guys a ‘Red Rose Of Peace’ yesterday, and our kind offer still stands. Can’t we all just get along?