At Southend News Network, we take great care to use photographs and headlines together in a responsible manner, and so it is with a great amount of regret that we announce that another local news publication has carelessly given the impression that Councillor Stephen Aylen (IND) of Belfairs Ward in Leigh On Sea has been ‘repeatedly exposing himself’ in Belfairs Woods.

As Cllr Aylen is a long-time friend of Southend News Network (remember when he brought up our story about the SS Montgomery having nuclear warheads on board in front of an entire council cabinet and a ‘clearly not amused’ Mayor McMahon?), we felt it only right to publically confirm that he HAS NOT been exposing himself at members of the public in Belfairs Woods.

Unfortunately, we live in an age when people only read headlines and photos without taking any notice of the content that is underneath, and therefore there was only ever going to be one outcome when the following piece appeared on an unspecified local news outlet’s web site this week:


We contacted Cllr Aylen for confirmation that he has indeed not been proudly displaying his ‘meat and veggies’ at other people who use this fine area of natural beauty for varied leisure pursuits.

He said: ‘(Definitely not), especially in this cold weather.’ As far as we are concerned, be it Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, Cllr Aylen has not been getting the ol’ frank and beans out to upset other members of the public.

Furthermore, everyone at Southend News Network is OUTRAGED, with a capital OUT, that such a devout supporter of SNN could be treated with such contempt by a news outlet that clearly has an agenda against anyone who expresses positive opinions about our news service.

Further furthermore, if anyone has any information about the person who has actually been getting it all out in the woods, they should contact the police on 101 before any more people jump to the ridiculous conclusion that this law-abiding councillor could have ever done something so despicable.

This ‘news outlet’ knows who they are, and they should be bloody well ashamed of themselves …