Southend News Network would like to point out that in the following story, Nursery school bans THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR over child obesity fears, we created a fictitious nursery called ‘Rochford Hill Nursery’ – an editorial decision that is in line with other intentionally vague establishments that can be found in various other stories on our site.

It has been brought to our attention by the current owner of the Rochford Day Nursery that there has been a level of confusion, both online and otherwise, that has led to a number of people assuming that their establishment is actually the one that is featured in this story. They also wish to point out that as there are a limited number of nurseries in the town of Rochford, Essex, they feel that readers will naturally assume that ‘Rochford Hill Nursery’ is in fact ‘Rochford Day Nursery’ – Southend News Network would like to make it perfectly clear that this was never the intention of the story’s creator.

Furthermore, Southend News Network is obliged to point out at this stage that no content whatsoever on the site, Facebook page or Twitter feed is based upon Rochford Day Nursery, and as such any user generated content elsewhere that may allude to this being the case is 100% incorrect. At both the top and bottom of every single page on the Southend News Network site, there are clear messages to indicate that we do not publish real news.

As with any other similar statement that we have published in the past, Southend News Network would like to encourage all readers to conduct their own research in this matter. In this instance, they will find that Rochford Day Nursery is a reputable and established childcare provider with a proven track record, and no ‘news’ content on Southend News Network should be used to form an opinion of this establishment.

Chief Reporter, Southend News Network