A statement has been issued by The Biscuit Party over legal action that has been taken against the party. 

A spokesperson briefed journalists on Wednesday evening.

He said, ‘A rival party has initiated legal proceedings against The Biscuit Party over our decision not to reveal the names of donors due to a loophole that we are using.’

’By selling t-shirts for £20 each and offering free life membership to the party with every purchase, we are well below the £25 threshold where we would be forced to reveal the names of donors.’

’In reality, they are not even donors. They are customers who happen to be getting a splendid garment while also happening to receive lifelong enrolment to a political party.’

’This is all 100% above board, with both men’s and ladies’ styles available.’

’Also, we have decided to redesign our local as the original version had a chocolate digestive in it.’

’By replacing this with a rich tea, we feel that we are promoting a far healthier lifestyle, and we have still retained our ‘Biscuit Means Biscuit’ motto.’

More than 3,300 people have followed the party on Facebook in less than 48 hours, making The Biscuit Party one of the fastest-growing political movements in British history.

In another major development, the party’s social media user base has voted against reclassifying Jaffa Cakes as ‘biscuits.’

A source said, ‘Jaffa Cakes have been a member of the far-right Cake Defence League in the past, and so our followers have rightly voted to uphold their ban.’

’For the foreseeable future, they will remain in their position of official advisor to the party leader on prisons.’

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