We are delighted to say that our petition to get the Daily Mail reclassified as FAKE NEWS on Facebook has smashed through the 1000 signatures barrier in less than 24 hours – 17 hours actually be exact!

Huge thanks to everyone who has signed so far. 

Please continue to share the petition as much as you can. It’s already had some really high-profile shares on pages including Occupy London – cheers guys. 

Looking at the many comments on there, it’s clear that tonnes of people are just as pissed off with them as we are. We even chuckled a little when someone said that this would be the best thing to come out of 2016. 

To be honest, we only stuck it up as a bit of a piss take to take our minds off our quest for Christmas Chart supremacy with Dartford Tolls. Funnily enough, it seems that this particular news outlet is a bit of a touchy issue!

To really try and make this go to infinity and beyond, it’s a great idea to try and share the link to the petition in Facebook groups. Even the ones where all people want to do is sell buggies and start bloody turf wars over half-consumed tubs of baby milk powder. 

You all know what to do …