It’s time for a quick update all about Southend News Network’s big adventure into the Christmas singles charts. Both the clean and the not so clean versions of DARTFORD TOLLS are done and dusted in the studio and ready for release on December 2nd 2016. 

We can’t give away too much about the video yet, but all we can say is that we are working with an unbelievably talented team of experts who have been producing music videos for many years. 

The irony is that the only potential delay on the day will be if the Dartford Crossing is buggered. 

Coverage is just starting to appear in the media. Radio Essex played a tiny little snippet of the tune, and an article went up on Essex Live today with comments from both Southend News Network and Jon Morter – Jon is the social media ‘ninja’ who got Rage Against The Machine to No. 1 in 2009. 

Sneaky little previews from the big shoot will go up on our Facebook page soon. 

Keep an eye out for a cheeky little reference to Southend News Network’s biggest ever fish – regular readers will know what we are talking about. 

More updates soon. Off to get the gorilla mask dry cleaned for the small screen debut.