A group of people in Southend have contacted Southend News Network to say that they have been ‘scammed’ by a free cash machine on the High Street. 

According to complaints that we have received, a Barclays free cash machine has been dishing out money, and users have seen that the same amount has then been debited electronically from their bank accounts.

Dave Fuch-Weet told our Chief Reporter that he has been unable to eat or sleep since he became the latest victim on Saturday morning.

He said: ‘The sign above the machine says ‘free cash machine,’ and yet when I checked my online banking statement I saw that the £20 I took out had been deducted from my available balance.’

‘It’s incredibly misleading to mislead people in this way. It’s not free if you have to pay for it!’

Darlene Asshat is a beauty and biochemistry student at Southend College, and she emailed to say that the scam has made her homeless just weeks before Christmas.

She said: ‘When I saw that the cash was free, I took out £1000 over four nights to go clubbing in town, but a couple of days later my landlord called me to say that my rent was overdue.’

‘I checked my bank account and my whole months rent had gone. I reported it to the police but they didn’t seem to want to take it seriously.’

A police spokesperson confirmed that they are looking into Ms Asshat’s case and wondering how she manages to breathe in and out without coaching and a manual.