There has been an angry reaction from the general public after a giant migrant ship managed to sneak past Southend Pier undetected.

According to reports, a patrol crew on the pier shouted out to the captain to ask what he had on board, and at this point he was heard replying ‘crisps.’

One witness said, ‘I’m amazed that they believed them. Why the hell would they fill a massive ship full of crisps when there’s a perfectly good factory in Leicester.’

‘Everyone knows that Southend Pier is over a mile long so officers can have a good look at the ships that come past.’

A spokesperson for Border Force UK said, ‘We didn’t have any reason to believe he was lying.’

‘We thought that the containers were colour-coordinated for flavours which would make perfect sense.’

‘Red for ‘Ready Salted,’ blue for ‘Cheese and Onion’ and so on.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage responded angrily to the news.

‘He said, ‘I’m off to Canvey Island now so I can stand there and scream at the sea.’

IMAGE: Avpics