Parents at Prittlewell Mount Primary School in Southend have been reacting with anger after they received a letter one week before the new term announcing that the school would be introducing an ALLAH lunch to ‘promote multiculturalism.’

One parent, Nigel Sauter, agreed to speak to Southend News Network after hearing about the news from another father. His daughter Marigold is in Year Three.

He said: ‘One of the other dads told me that the school were upgrading their lunch options for the new term, and he said that they would be having something called an ‘Allah cart’ to try and get the children used to multiculturalism.

‘Apparently in some other countries they allow children to pick and choose exactly what they want for lunch from a list of different food options, but I can’t see why they have decided to do this in England.’

‘How will having a four-wheeled vehicle full of food named after a religious figure promote multiculturalism? It all sounds bonkers to me.’

‘Saying that, this is Bonkers Britain after all – nothing really surprises me anymore if I am being honest.’

‘Couldn’t they just call it a ‘Jesus cart’ or a ‘Vishnu cart’ instead? Why does it have to be an ‘Allah cart.’

Headteacher Dr Clive Gland told our Chief Reporter that his school was ‘100% committed to multiculturalism.’

He added: ‘I’ve not heard about the exact plans as I will be away on holiday for a few more days, but I have been assured that the catering plans for the new term are in good hands with my deputy.’