A number of parents at a primary school in Essex have complained after all children with 100% attendance over the school year were rewarded with a £2000 laptop. 

Many of the mums and dads at Sally’s Mound Primary School in Westcliff On Sea have slammed the system put in place by headteacher Dr Jemima Flenge as ‘very unfair’ and ‘a disgrace.’

Parent Natalie Glash said: ‘My son Harry is in Year Three, and he won’t be getting a laptop because he was late one day in the autumn.’

‘I had an argument with another parent over parking and she kicked my wing mirror off so I didn’t get him inside until 8.32am.’

‘Now I have to explain to him why some of his friends are getting a new computer and all he has is an iPad Pro that I picked up on the weekly.’

‘Why should I have to struggle to give him the latest stuff when these other kids got one for free by not being ill.’

In an email to our Newsdesk, the headteacher Dr Flenge defended the scheme.

She said: ‘We believe that going through an entire academic year without having a cold is probably one of the greatest achievements that a child will reach in their entire life.’

‘We had fifteen children out of 185 who met this criteria, and we budgeted accordingly by making some small cutbacks in minority areas such as pencils and toilet roll.’

There was further anger last night when one of the mums whose child received a laptop boasted proudly about making her daughter attend school ‘no matter what.’

Michelle Garridge said: ‘I want my daughter to learn the value of always showing up, and now she has a smashing new MacBook Pro.’

‘I know that the school has a policy about having 48 hours off after a bout of sickness and diarrhoea, but what are they going to do, seriously?’