Parents at Leigh Broadway Primary School have been describing the ‘disgusting scenes’ at Friday’s annual nativity play after a number of outraged mums and dads were involved in a brawl over the school’s choice of casting for Joseph. 

According to one witness, seventeen different parents were all convinced that their son should have been chosen for the leading role, and most of them were keen to express their anger during the production. 

He wanted to remain anonymous, and he said: ‘Before the play even started, I heard at least three mums very loudly state that the school’s drama teacher had made the wrong choice, with one even saying that she was anti-Semitic for overlooking her Jewish son.’

‘Three minutes in, I heard someone shout ‘speak up, your delivery is appalling’ and this petty heckling carried on throughout the opening scenes.’

‘Unfortunately, the mother of the chosen pupil took exception to one heckler in particular and threw her skinny latte in her face.’

‘She retaliated by folding up her chair and swinging it around WWF-style as she had been temporarily blinded by the coffee. Hopefully the 93-year-old Great Nan will make a full recovery.’

‘There must have been eight people trying to break it up at one point. I have no idea how the kids managed to keep perfect time during Away In A Manger.’

Shortly after her release on bail, arrested mum Joanna-Jemima Montrose-Nash said: ‘I didn’t send my child to the local Pauline Quirke Academy for six weeks to have him overlooked because someone else can act and sing better.’

Headteacher Dr Ian Clewsion said: ‘After the disgraceful scenes during our nativity, we will adopt a new approach next year and the roles of Mary and Joseph will be shared between multiple children, scene by scene.’