The male 'Elsa' with a beard who has led to angry parents demanding a refund.

Angry parents are demanding refunds after a Frozen Party at the Southend Sports Park turned into a ‘nightmare’ and a ‘fiasco.’

More than 100 children and their parents attended the July 15th event, with tickets costing £35 each, and the majority of the children were left in tears when they soon realised that the role of Elsa was played by a rather large man with a beard.

Gillian Drone took her three children to what was advertised as a ‘Spectacular morning of unauthorised Disney Frozen fun and games for all of the family,’ and she explained to the Southend News Network that it didn’t take long to realise that they had been conned.

She said, ‘The room was incredibly small and crowded, and while we were waiting for the show to begin people kept trying to sell us DVD copies of Frozen 2 for £10 each.’

‘One of my friends bought a copy, and when she watched it there was just the original Frozen movie shown twice in a row with Romanian subtitles.’

She continued, ‘Once the hard sell had finished, the room went dark and the first few bars of Let It Go were played over the sound system – at this stage a rounded man with a large beard appeared and just kept singing the three words ‘Let It Go’ over and over again.

He then posed for photos with all of the children while constantly coughing and swearing, before making a quick exit and saying that he was also responsible for getting the buffet ready.’

Many of the parents at the event have contacted us to say that the ‘Gourmet Buffet’ consisted of 17 trays of Party Rings and a bucket of Twiglets, while Iced Gems and napkins were available for a £3 charge.

David Knockov is the owner of Disnee Character Parties, the company who were responsible for organising the event, and he has provided us with a brief statement:

Our market research showed us that Southend On Sea was the ideal place for a Frozen-themed Halloween party, and it was clear that many parents in the area would actually re-mortgage their home to give their kids the chance to spend 20 seconds with someone dressed as Elsa.

We are not associated with Disney in any way, and therefore we are under no obligation to provide an Elsa character that bears any resemblance to the actual one in Frozen.

As an equal opportunities employer, we ensure that at least 50% of our Elsa models across the UK are male.

We will not be providing refunds.