The mother and father of 24-year-old Suzanne Jones from Southend have issued a desperate plea for their daughter to come home after she fled their three-bed house in Fairfax Drive to join Avon. 

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, distraught Peggy and Phil Jones told reporters that they had initially ignored the signs that their daughter was being radicalised by the multi-level marketing cosmetics company.

Mum Peggy added: ‘All of a sudden last week she became withdrawn and started spending a lot of time upstairs on Skype, and then all of a sudden she started wandering up and down our road and leaving little catalogues on doorsteps in plastic bags.’

’There are already another 134 Avon reps in our road, and as soon as a few started knocking angrily on our door she just hid in the garden.’

’On Friday morning, we couldn’t find her, and  all we have been advised so far is to wait another two weeks until the next book comes out to see if she shows up again.’

Essex Police confirmed that their Prevent Unit has already been handed 654 cases of MLM radicalisation in 2018.

In one case a seven-year-old girl was allegedly persuaded to become a JuicePlus representative and was found with more than 154 different types of fruit and vegetables sealed inside a single Sylvanian Families figurine.

PC Reginald Peacie of the Southend Radicalisation Taskforce added: ‘With the festive season upon us, we are already on the lookout for Kleeneze and Betterware jihadis on our local streets.’

’Anyone caught misspelling the word ‘Unique’ and trying to sell a £45 lipstick should contact Police immediately.’